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Homecare was established in 1994 by a company who installed cladding on homes.

The manufactures warranty conditions required that the cladding be free of acid rain, pollution, general grime and mould to keep it from deteriorating and discolouring.
Homeowners found it difficult getting up and down ladders scrubbing walls, some times taking days to complete a single storey home.
Homecare provide a simple effective and affordable way for people to maintain the appearance of their home.
The business was bought by the present owner in March 1997.
Homecare 2000 has branched out and now wash Weatherboard, Hardiplank, Painted Fibro, Rendered and Painted brick.

Homecare 2000 is pleased to provide the following

Pre Paint Clean

Whether you are painting it yourself or getting a professional to do it, a clean surface is a must if you want the best job possible.

House Proud

Love your home?

Cleaning your home regularly will keep it looking good.

Look after it and it will look after you.

Selling Your Home

​A well presented home will attract more buyers and sell faster for the best possible price.


A bit extreme, but you don't want to end up with this.

Avoid spending big money.

Washing your home every 1- 2 years will help reduce maintenance costs.

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