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Preparing your home for sale.

There are many things I can do for you that will add thousands to the value of your home before you put it on the market.

When I went looking with my wife to buy a home, if the place looked crappy from the outside we kept on driving.


If you went to buy a used car and you found the car looking run down and uncared for, you would wonder if they looked after the rest of it.

Is that how you want a perspective buyer to view your home?

The buyer will be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars and committing to a life time of paying it off.

They will want to be confident that what they are buying is worth that commitment.

The best way to understand what to do, is change your perspective to that of a buyer.

Walk around your home and ask yourself, "if I was buying this home would this appeal to me or put me off".

I have done business with hundreds of people who where selling their home.

I have been asked by real estate agents to tidy up problem areas.

They understood  that they would add thousands to the value of their home by spending  a few hundred dollars.

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