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Mould Cause and Prevention

Every house will have mould on it somewhere.

Mould does not grow on your home, it grows on the dirt and grime that has accumalated over time.

Popular belief is that mould grows in winter. This is not the case.

It is to cold for the mould to grow.

During the colder months the dirt absorbs the moisture in the environment and when the weather warms up the mould will flourish.

So in actual fact mould grows as spring approaches.

The best way to prevent mould, is to prevent  your home accumalating dirt and grime.

Cleaning your home every 1-2 years will stop the dirt from accumalating. No dirt, no mould.

I clean and treat your home with a Hospital Grade Sanitiser.

This will kill off the mould you can see and the mould you can not see yet.

It will also kill off bacteria.

Bacteria can be a cause of odor and disease.

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